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Although Warner Bros. admits that it is “somewhat disappointed” in Green Lantern’s 66-percent drop at the box office, what it’s really disappointed in is you, the person who refuses to accept a new superhero franchise. But it’s okay—Warner Bros is a forgiving studio, which is why they still plan to give you time to learn to love it by crafting a sequel. Of course, Green Lantern 2 has been in the offing ever since the film was first announced, when Warner Bros. still believed in you. That you’ve so far broken that trust by only giving them $89 million of the $200 million (before marketing) budget might have led a lesser studio to just walk away, its ability to open up and let people in forever changed. But maybe they're too bighearted or maybe they're just damn fools, but they’re not giving up on you yet. Besides, you’re not the only audience in the world: This same weekend, Green Lantern met some nice folks in the Philippines who would probably be overjoyed to see more.


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