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Warner Bros. will also try making a superhero team movie out of The Metal Men, which is an idea they just had

Suddenly taken with the premise of a team of heroes assembling to avenge something, no doubt inspired by many a late-night perusing of Joseph Campbell, Warner Bros. has added another superhero ensemble to its recently revived Justice League project. Vulture reports that Barry Sonnenfeld has signed up to direct The Metal Men—a story not of Milwaukee's rockingest metal band and their eternal quest to "bring it on HARD," but rather of the DC Comics-based robots who could withstand almost anything, except for hurt feelings. It's a title that hasn't enjoyed anything approaching popularity since the 1960s, but they are a comic-book team that Warner Bros. has the rights to, and thus destiny and so forth.

The Metal Men—so named by their creator Will Magnus (who specializes in artificial intelligence, not fancy words for things)—are comprised of six cyborgs, all named after elements that represent both their abilities and relative tempers. Their leader, Gold, is gracious and can be stretched into almost anything, particularly cash. Iron is tough and capable of forming strong bonds with oxygen but not the other members of his group. ("That is so me-ic," he will hopefully be heard to remark.) Lead is reliable yet dumb, and will find himself erased from the theatrical version that runs in China. Mercury is quick to anger and even quicker to appear in trend stories about sushi. Platinum, the sole female, spends most of her time pining for her manly creator, because that is what women in the '60s do, even the robot ones. And finally, Tin is "insecure" and that, apparently, is about it—though it strongly suggests that whatever foe The Metal Men might face could be felled by tetanus. "Hey, this guy's name is already Will, so…." Sonnenfeld is surely telling Will Smith right now.


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