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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Two DCEU movies will be out this year—Wonder Woman and Justice League—but Warner Bros. suddenly fits itself with a little time on its hands. Aquaman’s release date has been bumped to Christmas 2018, and with The Batman under the guidance of a new director, the standalone Caped Crusader film is still very much in the Bat Cave. Rather than take a guitar class or binge-watch The Avengers movies, the studio is looking to kick off production this year on some superhero film, any superhero film, in order to get it in on the release schedule, because 2018’s looking a little thin.

With Shazam!, Cyborg, and Green Lantern Corps movies already on the horizon for 2020, Warner Bros. has had to think fast. Variety’s Justin Kroll shared some of the studio’s ideas for the next film to begin production, and they include a Flash movie—which could conceivably be wrapped in a jiff—and Sirens.


As Kroll notes, the studio will hold out for finished scripts, which certainly sounds like the kind of thing a studio ought to do. But now we’re picturing Adam Cozad, Michael Gillo, and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, scrambling to finish their screenplays.


[via ScreenRant]

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