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Warner Bros. wants to make another solo Batman movie, according to shocking new rumor

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Some people like to complain that movie studios rely too heavily on sequels, comic book adaptations, and toy commercials. They believe that these studios are avoiding risky original movie ideas in favor of supposed sure-fire hits that almost always don’t make as money as they want, which makes the entire film industry feel dull and uninteresting. Well, it’s time for those people to shut up because they might finally be getting exactly what they want: another Batman movie.


According to Latino Review, that’s what Warner Bros. is planning for 2019 after its current slate of rumored sequels, adaptations, and toy commercials wraps up. Of course, 2019 is pretty far off, and Latino Review’s citing of “sources” doesn’t instill much confidence, so this could be completely made up or totally legitimate and we still might not see it happen. The evidence, such as there is any, makes a reasonably good case, though. Ben Affleck is reportedly under contract to play Batman in multiple movies, Latino Review says his upcoming schedule has room to fit it in, and also Warner Bros. is a company that loves to make money.

As obvious a move as this is, Warner Bros. is still making a pretty big gamble on Ben Affleck’s Batman if it’s true. Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Sequels isn’t even out yet, and he’s already signed on for a full-on Justice League movie at some point after that. Audiences got sick of Christian Bale’s growly Bat-voice after only a couple movies, so how do we know people will still be on board with Affleck in five years? Or, considering the damage Superman caused in Man Of Steel, how do we know the entire planet won’t have been wiped out after five more years of Zack Snyder-directed superhero movies? One thing is absolutely certain, though: Someone, some day, is going to make another Batman movie.

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