As everyone knows by now, Comic-Con—despite being called Comic-Con—isn’t really about comics. It’s about movies based on comics and TV shows that feature Nathan Fillion or whatever. Warner Bros. has a keen interest in movies based on comics these days, and it kicked off its big Comic-Con panel by talking about Batman V. Superman, a certain small-time romantic farce that we’ve barely ever talked about before.

Warner Bros. brought out director Zack Snyder to introduce stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Gal Gadot, but he refused to allow any of them to speak. This was presumably done to make sure they didn’t accidentally blurt out any of the film’s deeply held secrets, like the fact that Batman is actually billionaire playboy Ben Affleck or that Superman is nothing but another immigrant taking a low-paying newspaper job away from all of the hard-working Americans that wouldn’t want it anyway. Snyder did reveal a short Batman V. Superman teaser, and though it hasn’t officially been released yet, The Hollywood Reporter says it featured Batman standing on a rainy rooftop and pulling a tarp off the Bat-signal. The light from it then hits Superman, whose eyes turn red from his super-powered crankiness, and the camera then pans down to Batman, whose eyes are “glowing white” from vengeful rich guy crankiness.


Snyder did release something for those of us who aren’t at Comic-Con, though: A look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Covered in straps and brown leather, the new Xena costume—sorry, the new Wonder Woman costume—looks like about what you’d expect from Batman V. Superman, since it ditches the character’s traditional red, white, and blue motif for something that’s much more “gritty” and “realistic.” Also, it remains to be seen what color her eyes glow when she gets angry, but we imagine the movie itself will cover that.