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Having been safely pulled from the flaming wreckage of The Weinstein Co., the film version of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes’ In The Heights has finally found a safe haven at Warner Bros. Variety reports today that the studio has picked up the film rights to the Tony-winning musical, which helped establish Miranda as a name in the world of musical theater, including earning him a momentous White House invitation several years back.


In The Heights tells the story of the residents of New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood on the hottest day of the summer, as several young second-generation immigrants contemplate their futures (romantic, and otherwise). Now, Warner Bros. has emerged from a fierce bidding war to claim the film rights for the project for itself; the rights were previously held by TWC, but were allowed to wriggle loose in the wake of the firestorm of shit that founder Harvey Weinstein brought down on his company’s head last year.

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