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Warner Bros. rumored to have scrapped its Justice League script for being terrible

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After many months of directors turning down the project, reports that studio executives were increasingly hesitant to go through with it, and, presumably, intermittent screenings of Green Lantern, Warner Bros. may be scrapping its Justice League script and heading back to the rushing-into-theaters board. That’s the rumor over at Badass Digest, anyway, which quotes “multiple sources” in saying that the screenplay from Gangster Squad writer Will Beall—a Darkseid-focused story that’s been bluntly described as “terrible”—has been abandoned, with the future of the DC superhero team-up now even more in question than it already has been, pretty much ever since it was announced.


Again, this is just a rumor at this point, but it does fall in line with the general, darkening mood around the project that Mark Millar—who, in his position as creative consultant at Marvel, certainly has reason to trash it—recently called “an excellent way of losing $200 million,” given the “disastrous” logistics of reintroducing so many characters who haven’t made a successful transition to the screen. Anyway, Badass Digest claims that some at Warner Bros. believe this may be the final step to Justice League completely falling apart, while others believe the studio is still “unwilling to lose the superhero arms race.” And, of course, some others believe it already lost that superhero arms race somewhere around May 2012.

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