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Warner Bros. rumored to be prepping new live-action Batman TV series

As The Dark Knight Rises moves closer to reality and away from “Eddie Murphy is the Riddler” rumors, it’s left a deeply felt chasm in blog-fueled Batman speculation, forcing some to some to forge all new avenues—like ComicBookMovie.com, which reports that there is “very early talk” at Warner Bros. about developing a new, live-action Batman TV series, rather than contemplating another Batman movie without Christopher Nolan at the helm.

According to its “insider source,” the show would maintain the “real world feel” of Nolan’s films, while also catering to young-adult audiences—similar to Smallville, only with more brutal beatings. More importantly, it would serve as a way to reintroduce the Joker to the story without the poor guy who’s hired to play him drawing comparisons to Heath Ledger. Interestingly, said Joker could possibly square off against a Batman played by Karl Urban, who’s already been mentioned as the sort of "type" they’re looking for. (So they're going with a brawny, brooding type? Interesting…)


Again, this is all just hearsay at this point, but given that Warner Bros. has tried to get a new Batman series off the ground twice in the past decade—Birds Of Prey; the mercifully stillborn Robin-focused The Graysons—it ranks somewhere around "Megan Fox is Catwoman" on the plausibility scale: It sounds wrong, but you just know it's been discussed.  [via AICN]