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Warner Bros. realizes it owns both Lego and DC Comics, launches a DC Lego exhibit

Between the enormous success of The Lego Movie and its five-year plan to flood the world with movies about DC superheroes, Warner Bros. has been sitting on several properties begging for some cross-promotional synergy. Now that synergy has come to pass, as Variety reports that Warner Bros. has commissioned an art exhibit that will feature various DC Comics characters rendered entirely in Lego bricks.

To put the show together, Warner Bros. has tapped artist Nathan Sawaya, a former associate at a major law firm who now makes Lego sculptures full time. Sawaya’s work has been featured on The Colbert Report, in Lady Gaga videos, and most recently during the 87th Annual Academy Awards. (Sawaya was the guy who made the miniature Lego Oscars used during the live performance of “Everything Is Awesome.”)


“It will be fun to take the world’s greatest superheroes and the world’s greatest toy and do something with an artistic eye and see what happens,” said Sawaya. “It’s a privilege to be invited to do it and exciting to take on a project like this through my own unique style.” Incidentally, one of Sawaya’s favorite DC superheroes is Bunker, who can create brick constructs with his mind, “kind of like what I do.” Obviously, his favorite villain is Toyman.

The show is called “The Art Of The Brick: DC Comics,” and will feature Sawaya’s interpretations of characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, the Joker, and others who may soon be appearing in Warner Bros. movies playing at a theater near you. The show will launch its worldwide tour this fall.

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