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Warner Bros. promises "remedial action" after finishing Justice League investigation

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The long, frequently contentious feud between actor Ray Fisher and movie studio Warner Bros. over the filming of 2017's Justice League has finally come to a conclusion nearly as vague as the allegations that began it, with THR reporting that the studio has stated that the investigation demanded by Fisher—who accused director Joss Whedon of “gross” and “abusive” behavior on the film’s set—has now concluded, and that “remedial action” has been taken. And no, since you’re asking: There’s no word yet on what that remedial action was, who it was targeted at, and how they feel about being thus remediated.

The entire situation, which began with Fisher’s allegations back in August (or maybe all the way back in 2017, when Whedon took over the film from once-and-future director Zack Snyder), has been frustratingly detail-light. Fisher has talked a bit about his frustrations with the movie at various times in recent months—including unhappiness at the way that a number of roles filled by people of color were allegedly lessened after Whedon took over, and allegations that executives were making racist comments about the film behind the scenes—as well as his anger at Warner Bros. for allegedly trying to shield producer Geoff Johns and others from his unhappiness. (It got nasty enough, including with allegations tossed at current DC Films president Walter Hamada, that Warner Bros. started firing back.) On at least one occasion, Fisher refused to work with investigators set to look into his statements about the film, claiming they weren’t impartial; now, though, a third-party investigator has finally finished its report, which said, we guess: Something!

For his part, Fisher made it clear today that he views the release of a report as a victory, but not an outright finish to this whole, messy, fuzzy saga.


Anyway, we’re holding out our own (vague) hopes that someday we’ll see the actual results of this report, or maybe get a clear, straightforward picture of what happened on the film’s set. For now, though, we can all bask around the fact that multiple major news stories this year have somehow rotated around Justice League, a middling-successful superhero that released more than three full years ago.

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