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Warner Bros. just going to go ahead and remake of The Wizard Of Oz already

Every passing month seems to bring news of some Wizard Of Oz-related reboot—a Sam Raimi-directed prequel possibly starring Robert Downey Jr.; a big-screen adaptation of Wicked; a Drew Barrymore-directed sequel; a Todd MacFarlane-produced sequel or another simply known as Oz, produced by the makers of Twilight—so it seems inevitable that someone would finally just do away with the “fresh angle” foreplay and get right down to banging out a full-on remake.

That’s what Warner Bros. is doing, anyway, apparently abandoning those Todd MacFarlane/Twilight-y plans to put together a redo of the classic 1939 film using the original script under the direction of Robert Zemeckis (who’s currently doing the same sort of questionable rehash for the studio on Yellow Submarine). The live-action update—which would be one of Zemeckis’ first since he tumbled down the uncanny valley of performance-capture animation several years ago—is in the early stages of development, which means there’s still time to set Hollywood on fire.


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