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Warner Bros. is working on nine more DC Comics films

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If you thought this weekend’s announcement of a Justice League movie was the extent of Warner Bros.’ vision for the future of movies based on DC Comics, there’s a good chance you come from an alternate reality in which companies don’t value money as much as they do here. Perhaps in your world, Batman is a bad guy obsessed with owls, and entertainment companies are driven by creative concerns instead of financial. But people in our universe love money. Perhaps that’s why Warner Bros. is working on nine additional DC-based movies.


This is according to a report in The Wall Street Journal (via Coming Soon), which makes it look like Warner Bros. is very serious about taking on Marvel and its vast, 14-year-plan of Avengers tie-ins. Assuming Justice League and Man Of Steel 2: This One Also Has The Justice League don’t count, we can at least name two of the nine so far: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s adaptation of Sandman and Danish director Nikolaj Arcel’s Fables. It’s worth pointing out that while Sandman sort-of exists within the proper DC Universe, Fables certainly does not. That means, unlike Marvel’s movies, the remaining seven won’t necessarily all link together in any substantial way.

Thinking like that is no fun, though, so let’s just assume the rest of the movies are somehow Justice League-related and make some predictions. Let’s give Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash their own movies, since they’ll most likely be in Justice League. Then we’ll dig a little deeper and do something kid-friendly like Shazam, a Green Lantern reboot, and then a Justice League sequel. That only leaves one more—and since it seems like Warner Bros. will never give Wonder Woman a movie, let’s throw it to a C-List hero that nobody really cares about and assume someone at Warner Bros. is hard at work on Booster Gold.

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