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Warner Bros. is taking another turn on a Dungeons & Dragons movie

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Having rolled the twenty-sided die to determine that Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones were successful, Warner Bros. has decided the time is right for another attack on Dungeons & Dragons, with the 2000 film starring Jeremy Irons (and its two straight-to-video sequels definitely not starring Jeremy Irons) leaving the franchise with just enough hit points to withstand another attempt. Taking over for this turn is David Leslie Johnson, a Level 7 Rebooter whose feats include writing Wrath Of The Titans and Red Riding Hood, amassing the skills necessary to make generic swordfighting movies with an armor class of 9.0 built-in brand recognition.


That experience level also afforded Johnson the bonus of having his standalone script for Chainmail, based on the more obscure roleplaying game co-created by D&D’s Gary Gygax, upgraded to a full, “retrofitted” Dungeons & Dragons adaptation. And despite suffering a hugely detrimental  “Marlon Wayans co-stars” attack on his last round, Courtney Solomon has recovered from directing that disastrous 2000 film to produce this new project, which Warner Bros. is treating as “a big priority” and an opportunity to “reboot the franchise for a new generation.” It remains to be seen whether Warner Bros. currently has the Dexterity or Wisdom to successfully do that for both this and World Of Warcraft—or whether, like so many D&D players, it's just setting itself to fall victim to angry trolls.

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