Cannonball Run

Get Hard helmer Etan Cohen, who’s now one movie into his directing career (and one moved h, distractingly, from being a much more beloved filmmaker), has lined up his next project. Tapping his recently acquired buddy-film bona fides, Cohen will write and direct the long-rumored resurrection of Cannonball Run, the 1970s’ entry into Hollywood’s periodic efforts to make shoving a bunch of movie stars into cars and having them race each other as fun in practice as it is on paper.

Guy Ritchie was supposedly mulling a take on the film—in which cartoonish stars race across the country, periodically pranking and sabotaging each other—a couple of years ago; he’s since moved on, apparently, leaving Cohen to handle all the ramps, career-ending performances, and cleavage-baring jumpsuits fans of the franchise demand. Hopefully, Cohen’s background as a screenwriter will help him out; as the man behind the scripts for both Tropic Thunder and Men In Black 3, he knows his way around luring famous people in for a quick, buzz-generating cameo. Plus, we can’t wait to see what kind of wacky vehicle he’ll inevitably stick his Get Hard stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart into, or what kind of ridiculous hairstyle Ferrell will sport to eventually promote the film.


[via Variety]