Batman V Superman

Back in July, we reported that Warner Bros. was developing a standalone Batman movie that would be directed by Ben Affleck, an idea that everyone pretty much recognized as an inevitability. That was before Batman V Superman and its lousy reviews, though, so it stands to reason that some people might be wondering if Warner Bros. is still committed to that plan. However, those people don’t understand just how massive an operation this DC Cinematic Universe is. There are so many separate movies in the works that poor reviews and a moderate downturn at the box office physically cannot stop the wheels from turning. Basically, the entire human race could be wiped out tomorrow, and a Shazam movie would still somehow come out.

In other words, Warner Bros. is definitely still making a standalone Batman movie starring and directed by Ben Affleck. According to Variety, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara officially confirmed the long-rumored project to the audience at CinemaCon today, specifically referring to Affleck as the film’s director. However, Tsujihara didn’t say anything about Affleck writing the movie as well, which was another story that came out at the end of March. Supposedly, Affleck has written a Batman script that involves “a really cool idea,” which we’re just hoping is “Batman doesn’t kill or shoot anyone this time.”


A release date for the solo Batman movie hasn’t been announced, but Warner Bros. expects it to happen at some point in the next five years.