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Warner Archives releases Urgh!, Bad Ronald, Mike's Murder and more

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Though we don't intend to turn Newswire into a promotional arm of the DVD industry, some home video news is too good to let fall through the cracks. Five months ago we told you about Warner Archives, a service through which Warner Brothers is getting some of the less-mainstream titles in their vaults to fans who've been clamoring for them, by burning DVDs on demand. Warner Archives has been adding roughly two dozen new titles a month since launching, and in the program's latest wave, they've moved beyond little-known movie classics of the studio era and have added more TV movies and cult films—including some titles that have been on "Why isn't this on DVD yet?" wishlists for years. For example: Urgh! A Music War, the 1980 New Wave concert film that this very website clamored for last year. Also: the controversial 1974 teen horror TV movie Bad Ronald, the 1984  "Ozploitation" favorite Razorback, the 1983 neo-noir Mike's Murder, the Jodie Foster/Robbie Robertson/Gary Busey oddity Carny, the Michael Crichton thriller The Terminal Man, and more. Check out the full list (and ordering options, if you're into that, no pressure) here.


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