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“War Isn’t Cool” is the urgent anti-war anthem we need

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that Bush-era war hawk John Bolton would be his new National Security Advisor, and people are, understandably, freaking out. Luckily, a new anti-war anthem just debuted that, like the great protest songs of the 1960s, appeals directly to the moral conscience of the human race. “War Isn’t Cool” by Australian sketch comedy group Aunty Donna seeks to remind listeners that even though blowing things up and shooting a bunch of bad guys in the head may seem cool, it’s actually not.

Yes, despite what you may think, the Aunty Donna boys are here to remind you that even the really cool sounding parts of war are actually bad and not sick at all. That dude from World War I who lit three fucking bombs and threw two at his enemy? That’s not cool. Tom Hardy’s entire heart-pounding, final sequence from Dunkirk? Not even a little cool. Using proximity mines in Goldeneye? Don’t get us started.

So, next time you’re watching a gripping WWII documentary or the Helms Deep sequence from Two Towers or any number of other war-glorifying pieces of entertainment we consume on a weekly basis, and you think to yourself, “Whoa, this is cool,” think again! Because war isn’t cool.


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