Planet Of The Apes

In retrospect, we don’t really need to tiptoe around spoiling one of the most iconic moments in movie history with that headline, but there’s probably someone out there who hasn’t seen Planet Of The Apes (or any of the million things that have referenced it) and they would’ve gotten pissed at us. It’s a classic film, hypothetical person. You should probably see it at some point.

Anyway, director Matt Reeves is just getting started filming War For The Planet Of The Apes—the latest prequel sequel in the series—and he tweeted an image from the set that seems very evocative of that aforementioned iconic moment in movie history:


Granted, a guy with a horse on a beach doesn’t really tell us anything, but it does seem like a pretty specific image to share from your ape movie. Even if it’s not foreshadowing that this movie will show those maniacs blowing up The Statue Of Liberty, it seems pretty likely that Reeves is at least referencing that scene. Whether or not it’s just a simple tease will probably have to wait until the movie comes out—or until we see one of those great “spoil the best parts of the movie” trailers. War For The Planet Of The Apes will be in theaters on July 14, 2017.

[via io9]