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Want Radiohead's first four demo tapes? That'll be $50k, please.

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Cassette tapes are among the most flawed, frustrating, and useless technological innovations ever invented, and are therefore probably best forgotten along with their cousins, VHS. (Who wants to do all of that rewinding?) But eBay user 619andyp has found the one remaining use for them in the modern era—as collector's items—and he's juicing it for all it's worth by selling four of them for $50,000.


Of course, these cassettes happen to contain early demos from a late '80s band called On A Friday that would later change its name to Shindig before settling on Radiohead, which makes them marginally more valuable. Some of the tracks even served as the seeds from which 1993's Pablo Honey would flourish into that weird, yellow baby flower. It's quite a gambit, considering that the set is the most expensive item in Andy's inventory by far, doesn't come with any authentication, and can't be returned, but for those willing to shell out the big bucks to get reacquainted with their Walkman, it can't be beat.

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