If he plays his cards right, Walton Goggins has a good shot at becoming the acting world’s preeminent That Guy From That Thing. He’s like what Sam Rockwell was a few years ago, or like what Donal Logue will be forever. Though everyone may know what That Guy From That Thing is famous for now, nobody will ever remember where they came from or what they were doing before they recognized their face. Also, Walton Goggins just has a really recognizable face, and soon you’ll be able to recognize that face when he returns to Sons Of Anarchy during its upcoming season.

As revealed by series creator Kurt Sutter on Twitter (via Variety), Goggins’ transgender prostitute Venus Van Dam will make another appearance during its next season. Or, as Sutter so eloquently put:


Goggins’ day job is playing Boyd Crowder on Justified, and both that show and Sons Of Anarchy will be ending after their next seasons. That will give Goggins plenty of time to be recognized in more things. “Hey, who is that guy Superman is talking to?” your friends will ask when Goggins pops up in some movie that also features Superman. “Isn’t he That Guy From That Thing?”

Yes, friends. Yes he is.