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Walton Goggins trades guns for hall passes, joins Danny McBride’s Vice Principals

However Justified ends this season, it will mean no more regularly scheduled Walton Goggins on our television. Or at least it did, until now. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Goggins and several others have joined the cast of Vice Principals, the new HBO comedy series from Eastbound And Down’s Danny McBride and Jody Hill.

According to newly revealed details, the show finds McBride playing Neal Gamby, the vice principal in charge of discipline at Lincoln High. He’s also divorced, which offers the shocking possibility that McBride may be playing a character who is not exactly smooth with the ladies. Goggins will be his co-star, playing Lee Russell, the vice principal of curriculum, who’s described as “a conniving politician that enters into an unholy alliance with Gamby.”


Also joining Goggins is Boardwalk Empire’s Shea Whigham, currently on Agent Carter, playing “Ray Liptrapp, the new husband of Gamby’s ex, and frequent target of his hostility.” Busy Philipps is playing Gale, Neal’s ex-wife and Ray’s new bride. All of which basically confirms that McBride and company are setting this up to be the Eastbound-style cringe-comedy you were hoping for.

These latest additions join already announced cast members Da’vine Joy Randolph and Sheaun McKinney. Production on the 18-episode series will presumably begin soon, though no release date has been announced yet.

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