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Walton Goggins replaces Joe Manganiello in History miniseries


Joe Manganiello may be a tough dancer man, but apparently he’s not tough enough of a tough dancer man to handle History’s military drama miniseries Six. Manganiello was cast in the Navy SEAL drama back in February, but he recently had to pull out due to a “health issue” after filming two episodes (TMZ says it was “extremely serious” appendicitis). Production was forced to shut down without him, but now Deadline is reporting that Justified favorite Walton Goggins has been brought in to replace Manganiello. Goggins will be playing SEAL Team Six member Rip Taggart, who leads his elite group of soldiers on a mission to kill a Taliban leader in Afghanistan. However, their mission goes off the rails “when they uncover a U.S. citizen working with the terrorists.” Variety says production will resume next week, and all of Manganiello’s scenes will be reshot to avoid what would’ve definitely been some bizarre continuity issues.


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