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Walton Goggins is John Bronco in the teaser for John Bronco, a mockumentary about John Bronco

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Did someone actually go and make a worthy starring vehicle for the southern comedic genius that is Walton Goggins? We can only hope. But the trailer for John Bronco inspires a little optimism. Directed by Jake Szymanski (7 Days In Hell), the mock-doc stars Goggins as John Bronco—“the greatest pitchman who ever lived,” according the voice over from your old pal Dennis Quaid, doing his damnedest to make you think for a split second that it might actually be Kurt Russell:

“John Bronco is one of those mythic characters you almost can’t believe is real, but thanks to the treasure trove of archival footage we found, you can see he definitely is,” said Szymanski in an official statement. The film, which also stars Tim Meadows, Tim Baltz (who starred opposite Goggins in The Righteous Gemstones), and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, follows the life and success of John Bronco, whose fame came to a mysteriously abrupt halt:

Some have said that if you were famous before the internet, you might as well never have existed. Such is the case for John Bronco, the greatest pitchman who ever lived. In 1966, Ford tapped him to race their new prototype SUV at the Baja 500 in Mexico. Not only did he win, but he gave a rousing speech that rallied a nation. Legend has it that Ford named the new car “Bronco” after John, made him the face of their campaign and skyrocketed him to stardom. His commercials were on every channel and his jingle went triple-platinum. John launched his own cologne, breakfast cereal, video game, action figure, you name it. He was the very embodiment of the American dream, that is, until it all came crashing down.


Any guesses on how that happens? What could have possibly sullied the name of the Ford Bronco in the public eye?

It’s unclear when and how John Bronco will be released; the trailer offers a vague “coming soon.” The website, however, has some fun stuff, including a page where you can report “sightings” of the elusive John Bronco.

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