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Walter White's [redacted] to be moved from an Albuquerque [redacted] after local complaints

[SPOILER ALERT, AGAIN] Walter White is being moved from his final resting place. The commemorative headstone for the fictional Breaking Bad character is being relocated from Albuquerque’s Sunset Memorial Park cemetery, after relatives and friends of the very real people already buried there expressed concern that the site would become a tourist attraction. So now White's headstone will be placed near the Village Shops in Los Ranchos, close to the Steakhouse that sponsored last week’s faux-funeral.

The move comes in the wake of a successful online petition from Manuel Montero, whose 6-year-old child is buried at the cemetery. During this past weekend’s memorial for Walter White, he saw people standing on existing headstones in the cemetery, prompting him to put together a petition that ultimately garnered about 1,000 signatures. The faux-funeral’s organizers and the cemetery are now trying to make amends by installing a memorial for deceased homeless in the facility, in keeping with their original intent to use the Breaking Bad tribute to raise money to help Albuquerque's homeless community.


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