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Wallace and Piz will also be in the Veronica Mars movie, in case you were worried

Reassuring all who might have worried that the Veronica Mars movie would be just Kristen Bell stepping off the bus into Neptune to discover everything and everyone she ever knew burnt to ashes, other people from the show have been signing up too. Over the past couple of months, both Jason Dohring and Enrico Colantoni made good on their appearance in the film’s Kickstarter appeal by officially signing on. Now Percy Daggs III and Chris Lowell are also on board to reprise their roles as, respectively, Veronica’s best friend Wallace and Piz, her season three boyfriend that no one cared all that much for because Logan was still around. Speaking of things no one asked for, Lowell has already promised “full-frontal nudity”—though really, isn’t it enough that Veronica will just have someone to talk to in this thing, rather than investigating the mystery of how she came to be so alone?


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