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Walking turd Martin Shkreli smacked in the face with actual turd

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Having recently been ousted from their perches, Twitter trolls and general shitheads Milo Yiannopoulos and Martin Shkreli resorted to unleashing their onerous thoughts onto the public IRL at the University of California, Davis. The Friday the 13th event was touted by Yiannopoulos via his Instagram account, with little implication as to what might be discussed beyond their everyday assholery, such as harassing women of color on social media and making life-saving drugs unaffordable. He did dub their planned meeting “Shkrelopoulos,” a moniker that’s presumably already been repurposed to describe the exact point where the taint meets the anus. (We’re just kidding, obviously—that part of the body has never done anything to anyone, so why give it a bad name?)

Regardless, Davis College Republicans invited kindred spirits and maybe just people who needed to feel the heat of these human dumpster fires to be proselytized to, but the guest list didn’t quite work out as intended. Instead, GQ reports that protestors showed up en masse and blocked the entrance into the building where the dickhead forum was to occur. The vocal opposition prompted organizers to cancel the event, but not before Shkreli got a little mud in his eye. Or rather, he was smacked in the face with what was reportedly dog shit. Here, see for yourselves:


Look, we recognize that this is no way to initiate a real discourse with people who want to see you stripped of basic human rights, but… well, we’re not sure how to end that sentence. But, if you slow down the video, you can actually pinpoint the second when Shkreli realizes he’s been treated to a fecal facial.


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