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Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero would like to see a show about ice zombies

“What the hell, guy?”
Photo: Game Of Thrones (HBO)

The two Walking Dead shows, the vanilla version and Fear The, have had largely similar settings. The main show has stayed in the general Atlanta area and Fear The Walking Dead has hung to the West Coast, which both tend to be relatively warm regions, but Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero would like to shake things up if the series gets another spin-off. Speaking with Fandom (via Screen Rant), Nicotero says that he’d like to go to an “entirely different location” for a hypothetical new spin-off, preferably one where they could do a “cold weather scenario.” He notes that the comic has done some good stuff with zombies in the winter, and “frozen zombies are fucking awesome,” so he’d like to see if they could bring that concept to TV.

Nicotero also teased that he’d be interested in exploring what the Walking Dead universe is like for people outside of North America, but he didn’t confirm anything specific. Still, if Nicotero really wants to see some ice zombies in a place that is not the modern United States, maybe someone can buy him an HBO subscription so he can check out Game Of Thrones. We don’t want to spoil it for him here, but if Nicotero is looking for ice zombies in a world that is not the modern-day United States, he can’t go wrong with the last few seasons of that show—unless he doesn’t like stories where people occasionally teleport across huge distances.


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