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Walk into the sunset with the “21 Best Character Departures Of All Time”

The Iron Giant

Saying goodbye is rarely easy, especially when you’re saying goodbye to someone you really care deeply about. In fact, having meaningful relationships with people in general isn’t very easy, but thankfully we can always count on movies to distract us from real life. Of course, watching someone say goodbye in a movie is often just as emotionally difficult, as anyone who has seen The Iron Giant can surely attest. Recognizing that there have been a whole bunch of powerful goodbyes in the history of film, CineFix has put together a list of the “21 Best Character Departures Of All Time.”

The video is more than just a rundown of the rankings, as it also offers quick explanations for why these departures are so impactful or memorable. The list includes the aforementioned Iron Giant (though it thankfully doesn’t show the “Superman” moment, as then we’d never stop crying), as well as bits from Return Of The King, The Truman Show, La Dolce Vita, Harold And Maude, Stand By Me, Being There, Schindler’s List, and a whole bunch of others—some of which you may be able to predict if you’ve seen enough movies were people say goodbye to each other.

[via Mashable]


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