You became the youngest man to win the Best Actor Oscar. You spontaneously decide to passionately kiss Halle Berry in public in a fit of exhilaration and somehow got away with it. You've starred in mega-productions like King Kong and charmed the espresso set with your vaguely ethnic charm and attention-grabbing supporting turns in independent films though lately your shtick has gotten a little tired. You're no longer quite the critics darling or consistent scene-stealer you once were. What do you do next? If you're Adrien Brody you sign up to star in a dodgy-sounding, way-tardy Predator reboot for some reason (oh yeah, the money).

Variety is reporting   that Brody lobbied hard for the role and signed up for future installments of the series, which is being spearheaded by the always inconsistent Robert Rodriguez. Eh, at least it's not a kids film. Can a major image overhaul be in the works for Brody? It looks like he may disappoint longtime fans like myself in new, wholly unexpected ways.