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Illustration for article titled emWait, Wait... Dont Tell Me /emlive event to put Peter Sagals radio face in theaters for one night only

Fans of answering machine messages and Paula Poundstone will be pleased to know that NPR’s Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is coming to movie theaters nationwide. The questionably comedic news-quiz show will be beamed into theaters live on May 2, giving scores of white people the long-awaited chance to check out Peter Sagal’s radio face in two-dimensions. The performance will be coming out of NYC’s Skirball Center For The Performing Arts and will be streamed as part of a partnership with Fathom Events.


Panelists for the show will include the aforementioned Poundstone, as well as show veterans Mo Rocca and Tom Bodett. Steve Martin will take part in the “Not My Job” segment, and the show will feature a live band for the first time, though which band that is hasn’t been announced.

A list of participating theaters showing Wait, Wait is available on the Fathom Events site.

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