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Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me! nabs special guest host Tom Hanks

President Obama, Tom Hanks (Photo: Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Everyone’s favorite actor, typewriter-lover, and substitute dad is about to take over America’s favorite public radio show. Tom Hanks will act as the guest host for an upcoming episode of Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, stepping in for regular host Peter Sagal, who will be on vacation. In an article on NPR’s site, Sagal said that, “I was excited to find out that in my absence, one of the stars of the classic sitcom Bosom Buddies would be hosting the show. I was disappointed to find out that it wasn’t going to be Peter Scolari, but I’m sure this Hanks fellow will do fine,” noting that he hopes “he’s been doing some useful preparation since Bosom Buddies went off the air in 1982, because this is a pretty high profile gig.”

Hanks’ episode will be taped in Chicago in front of a very lucky live audience and will air on NPR member stations the weekend of January 14, where it will no doubt be enjoyed by each and every one of the show’s 3.9 million weekly listeners.


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