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Vogue asks Cardi B 73 questions, bleeps the word “fart”

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Oh, 73 Questions. Absurd, enlightening, surreal, infuriating. As a series, Vogue’s 73 Questions is many things, but it is not, apparently, profane. By any standard. In their visit to Cardi B’s grandmother’s house, Vogue asked all those questions while Cardi perched next to a napping Culture, talking about her pop idols (“The hood loves you, Lady Gaga!”) and thoughts on impeachment, as well as the music industry, fashion, her relationship with Offset, and many other things.


In the course of that conversation, she used the words ‘penis’ and ‘fart.’ Both were bleeped. They bleeped the word ‘fart.’ Bleeped it. It was bleeped. The word ‘fart’ was bleeped. Vogue bleeps farts, spread the word.

The fart question comes up at around 11:45, if that’s of interest.

It’s been a good couple days for 73 Questions-related material. Yesterday, writer and comedian Nicole Boyce posted this symphony of absurdity, a video that pairs some of the questions from Tony Hawk’s installment of 73 Questions with some of the answers from Lady Gaga’s:

“With all the achievements and the endorsements you’ve received over the years, what’s been the attitude toward you in the skate community?”


“Ah, that I’m from Yonkers and not Manhattan?”

And let us never forget Tahani Al-Jamil’s 582 Questions with International Sophisticate Magazine:

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