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Director Robert Altman bent film genres—from war to mysteries to musicals to political farces—to his will. He gathered to-die-for casts and gave them incredible freedom to create character and dialogue. Sometimes he’d get a whole bunch of players to basically act different situations all in one scene, and he knew how to make it cohere.


So it’s fitting that an online tribute to Altman from a graphic designer who goes by the name Midnight Marauder is both ambitious and striking. “It’s Okay With Me” is an online poster exhibition for which the artist created posters for almost every Altman film. (“It’s okay with me,” as Altman devotees know, was the constant refrain of Philip Marlowe in The Long Goodbye.) Sometimes there are multiple posters for a single film, as if to highlight their varied perspectives. The artwork was influenced by Eastern European poster designs of the ’50s-’70s, some of which are highlighted on another great website.

“It’s Okay With Me” also features behind-the-scenes photos and quotes from Altman and others about his films. The result is a tribute that manages to capture some of the director’s spirit, whether it’s via Thieves Like Us, Popeye, The Player or Gosford Park.

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