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Even when she’s not posing as a fertility goddess in front of half the flowers in Manhattan, being Beyoncé is probably pretty fun. She works hard, for sure, but she’s also obscenely rich and world famous. So we probably shouldn’t be too surprised that Queen Bey was less than impressed by the Magic Leap, the VR headset that’s being hailed as the second coming of “augmented reality.” According to an article in Business Insider, the company is relying on celebrity endorsements to build buzz for the product, regularly clearing out its Florida offices so VIPs can give the new technology a whirl. But it doesn’t always work out as planned:

Some who saw the device, like Steven Spielberg, were pitched to make content for it. But others, like Beyoncé—who received a personalized “mermaid” Magic Leap demo, which the team created on short notice, and was bored by it—were more of a reflection of Abovitz’s desire to connect with celebrities than anything directly related to the company’s business, former employees said.


Maybe Beyoncé found the Magic Leap boring because she’s already a mermaid in real life. Or maybe she’s simply more of a Sega Genesis fan. Beyoncé appreciates the classics.

[via New York Magazine]

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