Earlier this year Side One Dummy Records took Canada’s PUP under its wing, re-releasing its debut album and bringing the band attention outside of its native land. Now, the label will be attempting to work the same magic for Australia’s Violent Soho, a band whose Hungry Ghost finally receive a domestic release on September 30. The album takes the best parts of the Smashing Pumpkins and other grunge-adjacent acts and removes any of the scene’s qualities that occasionally feel dated, making for hooks that hit with the immediacy and crunch of Siamese Dream. Pre-orders for Hungry Ghost can be found on Side One Dummy’s site, and for those looking for a taste of Violent Soho, the video below for “In The Aisle” not only displays the band’s best musical traits, but it’s got the added bonus of a Jackass-style nude bike ride to complete the package.