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Violent Femmes announce first full-length album in 15 years

Milwaukee-based indie rockers the Violent Femmes have announced their first full-length album in 15 years, with the 10-song We Can Do Anything set to come out on March 4, 2016. The album will be the band’s first full release since its members reunited back in 2013 (although they also put out a four-song EP, Happy New Year, earlier this year).

According to Rolling Stone, We Can Do Anything is at least partially assembled from frontman and guitarist Gordon Gano’s “trove of old cassette demos and journals,” although there are also a number of new tracks on the disc. The band—whose last full album was 2000’s Freak Magnet—is currently made up of Gano, long-time bassist and co-founder Brian Ritchie—apparently over that time he sued Gano for letting “Blister in The Sun” get used in a Wendy’s commercial—and newcomer drummer and founding Dresden Dolls member Brian Viglione. The full track list—including songs co-written by folks like Sam Hollander, Dave Katz, and Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin—can be found below.


We Can Do Anything track list:

1. “Memory”
2. “I Could Be Anything”
3. “Issues”
4. “Holy Ghost”
5. “What You Really Mean”
6. “Foothills”
7. “Traveling Solves Everything”
8. “Big Car”
9. “Untrue Love”
10. “I’m Not Done”

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