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Vintage licensed character Christmas specials add even more commercialism to the holiday

For those seeking a nostalgic trip back to their youth or who finally want to hear what the characters from comic strip For Better Or For Worse sound like, Metafilter has assembled a list of Christmas specials featuring licensed characters. It’s an impressive grouping that mostly comes from the ’80s and ’90s while the content spans everything from the stone age (with The Flintstones and cartoon version of comic strip B.C.) to the far-off future (The Jetsons). The collection contains a wide range of quality and varying levels of how poorly it was thought out by the various executives in charge (who was clamoring for a Wacky Wallwalker Christmas Special?).

From the world of toys, to video games, to beloved cartoon personalities—everyone was getting in on the act of shoving out a Christmas special in which characters otherwise untethered by reality learn the true meaning of Christmas (read: BUY MY TOYS).


The whole list can be found here, but there’s a couple more from the list posted below, including a personal favorite: He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special in which Christmas comes to Eternia, Orko kidnaps two impressionable children, and Skeletor reveals himself to be a surprisingly effective babysitter.

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