Due in part to many people’s insistence on referring to movies made in the 1980s as “old,” Vincent Price is probably best remembered today as the voice of Thriller, or maybe as Edward Scissorhands’ creator. But in his ’60s heyday Price was not only a mustachioed icon of cinematic fright, he was also a popular art expert, frequent talk show guest, and gourmet chef with his own TV cooking show. One time he even showed Johnny Carson how to poach a fish in a dishwasher on The Tonight Show.


Perhaps attempting to distance his sophisticated real life from his campy onscreen persona,  Price played it straight with his recipes aside from the occasional melon monster.  That’s where LA-based remix artiste RenRok comes in, adding the spooky background music (not to mention the funky beat) that makes Price’s recipe for pork sirloin really shine. But what’s up with that whole “tender as a woman’s heart” thing?