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Vincent Gallo will no longer allow audiences to ruin his films by seeing them

In the past, Vincent Gallo has been extremely giving of himself—mining the pain of his adolescence for Buffalo ’66, allowing The Brown Bunny viewer to witness the awkward intimacy of his making love to Chloë Sevigny’s mouth, and even offering his own sperm, the very essence of Vincent Gallo, for the reasonable price of $1 million. And time and again, we have only mocked and abused him for his generosity, when all Vincent Gallo asked was that we put aside our own wicked agendas and proclaim his brilliance, loudly and repeatedly, to his specifically detailed satisfaction. Well, no more: Gallo has announced that, beginning with his newest film, Promises Written In Water, all of Vincent Gallo’s gifts to follow will never be bestowed upon the public, saying, “I do not want my new works to be generated in a market or audience of any kind.” After all, audiences would only sully them with their own imperfections.

Instead, Promises—along with a new film that Gallo says he has completed, pointedly leaving out any other details that could be twisted and manipulated by this cruel world—will be “allowed to rest in peace, and stored without being exposed to the dark energies from the public,” which probably requires some especially rigid insulation material, like maybe polyurethane. Regardless, your dark energy will no longer be allowed to destroy it, as it has everything else Vincent Gallo has tried to share with you. Instead, Vincent Gallo will create for Vincent Gallo, now and forever the only audience who can truly appreciate Vincent Gallo. [via The Playlist]


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