Even though Vincent Gallo has locked away any and all of his future films from ruinous public consumption, he remains an open supporter of other forms of the arts, in the sense that “art” can even be said to exist without Vincent Gallo’s films. But despite time and again sharing with an uncaring, unworthy world his deepest, most intimate psychological explorations and blowjobs, there is a limit to Gallo’s generosity, and the city of Los Angeles has just reached it: TMZ reports that the filmmaker/sperm-based-and-otherwise philanthropist has filed suit against the city over the purported wastefulness of the Arts District Business Improvement District, an alleged squandering that goes far beyond its frittering use of redundant nouns.

According to Gallo, the ADBID annually collects tax dollars with the promise to clean up and provide security to downtown’s arts district—a massive government program that The Brown Bunny director claims is being forced down his throat, and he refuses to choke on it any longer. Therefore Gallo (whom TMZ identifies as “Goodfellas actor Vincent Gallo” for his 10-second non-speaking role, because it was the first line of his Wikipedia profile, probably) has demanded that ADBID return the approximately $1.3 million in taxpayer dollars it’s accrued since the program started, claiming it’s merely turning a profit and offering “no benefit.” And indeed, if there’s one thing Vincent Gallo detests as masquerading as “art,” it’s self-indulgence.