Suggesting that the California Highway Patrol will soon find its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Hollywood Reporter says that Vincent D’Onofrio is “in negotiations” to play the villain in Warner Bros.’ upcoming CHiPs movie—and we’re hoping that means he’ll be playing Wilson Fisk, his character from Daredevil. THR claims he’ll be “a ruthless former cop” who is the “ringleader” of an “exotic-car theft ring,” but we know that’s just a cover. The word “ringleader” is a lot like the word “kingpin,” so we’re going to assume everybody’s just being coy about his character’s actual identity. When D’Onofrio shows up in the movie with a bald head and a speech pattern that makes it sound like he has to…fightforeveryword, then we’ll know what’s really going on.

Dax Shepard—who is directing and co-wrote the screenplay—will star in CHiPs as highway patrol officer Jon Baker, with Michael Peña playing Frank Poncherello. The movie will be based on the classic (?) ‘70s TV show of the same name, probably best remembered for popularizing Erik Estrada and tight, brown pants. In the wake of 21 Jump Street, we think it’s a safe bet that Estrada and tight, brown pants will both make cameo appearances. It’s not like they’re doing much else these days.