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Vince Vaughn to swap bodies with a teen girl in new movie from the director of Happy Death Day

Photo: Rich Fury (Getty Images), Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Happy Death Day director Chris Landon has some experience taking a movie that sounds like it should be bad and making it into something that’s surprisingly good (which he did with, you know, Happy Death Day). Now, Landon’s going to have to work that same magic with an untitled body-swap thriller he’s making for Blumhouse about a high school girl who switches bodies with a “deranged serial killer” and only has 24 hours to figure out how to fix things—or else the change will be permanent! That’s a very Happy Death Day premise, but the “okay, good luck!” factor comes from the casting: Kathryn Newton from Detective Pikachu and Blockers will be playing the teen girl, while Vince Vaughn will be playing the serial killer. That means, after they swap, Vince Vaughn will be playing the teen girl and Kathryn Newton will be playing the serial killer, which should be… interesting.

Deadline says this movie is going to be a thriller, not a Freaky Friday comedy with a dark twist, so watching Vince Vaughn act like a high school girl will presumably be played relatively straight. That seems… interesting. The Happy Death Day movies were sprinkled with funny stuff (the first one ends with a smart Groundhog Day gag), so this won’t necessarily be as dark as a Saw movie, but we’ll have to see what the tone is like before we get on board with this. 


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