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Vince Vaughn is bringing The Brady Bunch back to TV

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As part of a programming strategy designed primarily to pacify Alzheimer's sufferers who temporarily forget what year it is, CBS is adding to its pleasantly innocuous stream of interchangeable procedurals, broad multi-camera sitcoms, and other reboots like Hawaii Five-0 an update of The Brady Bunch, which will reimagine the syndication staple for a new generation while preventing the older generation from trying to drive to the store. Deadline reports that a Brady reboot is currently in the works from executive producer Vince Vaughn, whose film The Watch you didn't go see and so here we are. And unlike the Brady Bunch movie parodies that reflected the ironic postmodernism of the '90s, back before 9/11 put an end to all that, this new Brady Bunch will be sincere—a contemporary yet mostly faithful remake from Raising Hope writer Mike Mariano that follows two divorcees blending their respective families, but adds in the twist of their exes still being part of their lives, in a nod to the way family dynamics have changed but contrived sitcom situations have remained reassuringly the same. Deadline adds that CBS is also likely to revive the original show's theme song, albeit "tweaked for the 21st century"—perhaps with a glitchy, dubstep edge that will give the average CBS viewer their only suspicion that time has come unstuck before drifting back into fitful dozing.


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