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Vince Gilligan would “love” to revive The X-Files, seems like a nice guy

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Vince Gilligan, besides being living proof that there is such thing as a celebrity TV writer, seems like a pretty nice guy. The Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul creator, despite being a certified Big Deal, even finds the time to talk to fan sites, as he did with The X-Files Lexicon last week. In the interview, besides telling the interviewer to call him “Vince,” Gilligan says that he was “crushed” when the X-Files spinoff he executive produced, The Lone Gunmen, was canceled after just one season. “[It’s] a show I’m still proud of, and I will always be proud of,” he says.

Asked about whether he’d like to be involved with the appropriately shadowy X-Files revival Fox is currently “officially considering,” Gilligan had a similarly amiable answer, saying,

“I would love to be involved. I don’t know with my current schedule, if I necessarily could be involved, but I got to tell you. I hope that is the case, and it works out that there more X-Files in the offing because even if I weren’t involved, I can tell you as a fan, I’d be right there with my Dr. Pepper and my big bowl of popcorn, and the lights dimmed down low.”


Gilligan can’t commit to much of anything right now, of course, because he’s still chained up in Stephen Colbert’s basement.

[via The Independent]

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