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Vin Diesel will actually appear in the Fast And Furious live show

(Photo: Getty Images, Greg Doherty)

In February, Universal announced that it was taking the Fast And Furious series on the road (so to speak) with a live arena show that would use a blend of practical and digital effects to recreate stunts from the movies. We didn’t know much else about the event at that time, but now we know it’ll be a bit more legitimate than just a bunch of cars flying through the air while a man in a foam Vin Diesel head pantomimes along with canned lines about the importance of cars, family, and car families.

As reported by Variety, Vin Diesel—the real Vin Diesel, not a guy in a fake head—will actually play some role in the live show. Diesel made this announcement in a Facebook video, explaining that he was filming something that “no one’s ever seen before” for the “state of the art” live show, implying that Dominic Toretto will appear in some kind of pre-taped video segment during the show. It’s still not as cool as having Diesel himself travel around the world with a bunch of cars, but it’s probably better than nothing.

In the video, Diesel also teases that the show will open in London before moving around the world, but that’s all we know at this point.


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