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Vin Diesel says John Cena was "sent” to him by the spirit of Paul Walker

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Vin Diesel’s Instagram account yet again proves to be our most reliable source of news, as the Fast & Furious actor has shared a clip of he and John Cena in “the Toretto gym.” Diesel, never one to shy from a bit of head-cocking spiritual patter, believes that Cena, the ubiquitous wrestler and actor, was sent to him by “Pablo,” a.k.a. his late Fast co-star Paul Walker. Walker, apparently, provides Diesel with the occasional “soldier for the fight for truth,” which one could surmise here translates to co-starring in a (very good!) fast-cars-go-boom movie.

“Guys as you know I’m always thinking fast. And thinking about the responsibility,” he says. “I’m thinking something iconic and deserving of your loyalty. I know this sounds crazy, but every blue moon I feel like Pablo up there sends me someone. Another soldier for the fight for truth. And today, someone came by the Toretto gym that speaks to what Pablo would have brought me.” This is when Cena appears, dressed like he’s interviewing for a front desk position, to drop a customary “you can’t see me.”


While we can’t really take this as an official confirmation that Cena has been cast in the next Fast & Furious movie, we don’t really know what else it could be. Also, it makes plenty of sense—not only does Cena contain the requisite amount of veins/machismo to star in a Fast movie, he’s also a longtime IRL adversary of Dwayne Johnson, who pivoted off to his own corner of the Fast universe after he and Diesel endured a very public feud. Christ, this thing operates more like a wrestling promotion than a franchise, and that’s without even mentioning Roman Reigns’ supporting role in Hobbs & Shaw.

Nevertheless, Cena’s casting would have us very excited, as the grappler’s not only an onscreen delight but also not above delivering an Attitude Adjustment to a Tesla, which is absolutely something Fast & Furious 9 would have him do when the film roars into theaters next year.

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