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Vin Diesel’s still family, Michelle Rodriguez says after Fast & Furious critique

Photo: Matt Kennedy/Universal Pictures

Despite all their talk about family, the cast of the Fast & Furious series is shadier than a forest preserve. Last year, series star Dwayne Johnson whipped up a sticky-sweet cyclone of speculation after referring to unnamed co-stars as “Candy asses,” eventually leading to the shocking revelation that it was lovable lunkhead and sometime Selena Gomez duet partner Vin Diesel who was the candy ass in question. Now series co-star Michelle Rodriguez is brewing up a fresh pot of faux-gearhead partisanship, clarifying that while certain members of the Fast & Furious team are guilty of neglecting the franchise’s female characters, Diesel is just a big ol’ sweetheart who would sooner drink a fancy Belgian beer than disrespect women.


In a video posted to Instagram, Rodriguez says, “Vin, for many years you’ve been the biggest supporter of strong women. I’ve always appreciated that about you throughout the years… Just know that if I ever post anything, that it’s not you I’m talking to.” “Of course it’s not me,” Diesel replies, before leaning in to give Rodriguez a noogie. Your move, Dwayne.

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