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Vin Diesel announces two more Fast And Furious movies

Vin Diesel announced on his Facebook page this weekend that two more Fast And Furious movies are in the works. Chris Morgan, writer of the last two installments, has apparently finished two more. No word yet on plot, but Diesel's post (via CinemaBlend) states that he is excited about "this novel like story, that has twists and unexpected turns," as well as the film's "sexy locations." Few details are available at the moment, but at least it looks like Diesel is attached. Since the franchise originated as a—wait for it—vehicle for Vin Diesel, it's a wise choice to keep him in the equation and draw on his star power. The big question is, what will the movies be titled? Since previous installments have largely just been adornments of the words "fast" and "furious," our bet is something like For Fast From Furious, or However Furious, Fast.


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