Now that the summer’s greatest mystery has been solved, Vin Diesel is getting his other house, i.e., movie franchise, in order. Diesel set his sights on more extreme things—that is, a third xXx movie—back in August. And for a while there, it looked like he might be the only person chugging Monster drinks on set. But Diesel recently told io9 that he’s recruited D.J. Caruso (I Am Number Four, Eagle Eye) to oversee all thrashing and shredding.

In the interview, Diesel talked up his excitement about the abandoned (by him) franchise, which saw Ice Cube handling the secret-agent duties in the second film after Diesel left to work on The Pacifier. But the actor told the publication he’s recommitting to the xXx story, even if it is in direct competition with Furious 8 for his time.

“I’m excited as hell about xXx. D.J. Caruso is directing it, which is exciting. The big question now is which will race to production first now that F. Gary Gray is on [Furious 8]? Will xXx race to production first or will Fast race to production first?”


We can probably answer that question for him—Furious 8’s release date was announced six months ago, so we think it’s safe to say he’ll be shaving his head to play Dom instead of Xander (or just to go about his day). But that xXx sequel appears to also have a title and some writers, so Diesel could be base-jumping again very soon. That is, unless that sequel to The Last Witch Hunter the actor’s already hinted at gets in the way.