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Once upon a time Paul Walker and Vin Diesel considered themselves too big and fancy for the Fast And The Furious franchise (literally as well as figuratively in Diesel's case). Several bazillion flops later the muscle-bound gearheads aren't so discriminating. The not so dynamic duo returned to the franchise with last year's Fast And The Furious.

The film was a huge success so we're not at all surprised that the pair will return for Fast Five, the essential fourth sequel to a pretty good glorified B movie. The film already has a release date—June 10, 2011—but the film has yet to pick up a director or screenwriter. Yay?

In semi-related news, Death Race has also spawned a sequel, albeit of the direct-to-DVD variety. Statham won't be returning, nor will Joan Allen, but the supporting cast does include the formidable likes of Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo and Sean Bean.


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